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Von , 2012/03/31 7:38 PM

Today there is once again a couple of pictures of Pupett’s website. Pupett and Liv wear their chastity belts. The pictures are great…





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Von , 2012/03/22 12:29 PM

On the pages of the BloodAngels currently are probably the most chastity belt pictures to find. Today, there are a few pictures from previous series. In one serie of pictures you can see how the model get a chastity belt and leg bands. In the images from the second serie she’s wearing a chastity belt, leg bands and a chastity bra…



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Von , 2012/03/18 5:09 PM

Today’s pictures I found on the websites of catuitmodel.de. This site is operated by an amateur photographer, who many know as yet, „ChaosKarl“. Very nice models and very nice chastity belt pictures…

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